.Grandma Helen's 86th Birthday.

On Sunday we had the chance to celebrate Grandma Helen's birthday over at Aaron's parents house. Aaron and I got there fairly early for us. We waited around for everyone else to get there for a while. Grandma Helen showed up with Katie and Kyler. Then Lizzie showed up with their cousin Michelle.

We were all sitting in the living just talking when the Bennett kids showed up (John & Ashley, James, and Peter). Grandma Helen must not have known they were coming. As soon as they walked in to the living room, Grandma Helen let out a gasp as if she was having a heart attack. Aaron and I both looked over not sure if she was okay. She got up very excited and gave them all hugs.

We all proceeded to have a blessing on the food and chow down. Most of us sat around the big table in the kitchen while John, Aaron, and James told stories of the time Aaron and John lived together while in Logan. We were all laughing..some moments some of us had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.

Then came time for cake...probably the best part of the evening. Aaron's Mom, Leslie, brought the cake in as we all sang Happy Birthday and placed it in front of Grandma Helen. People were coaxing Grandma Helen to blow out all the candles at once...so she took in as deep a breath as she could..and blew as hard as she could. As she was pushing out her last umph of air, Grandma Helen pushed out a loud passing of air from her other end. Everyone was laughing so hard we were all in tears for a good 3 minutes after Grandma Helen had blown out all her candles. It seems Grandma Helen wanted this to be her new family birthday tradition. Since Aaron's birthday is coming up next..maybe he will follow suit.
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