Today marks the day of things to come. You think you remember what it's like to be pregnant..but if you did..would you really endure this part over and over again?

I woke up exhausted today because I had a hard time sleeping last night. Can you blame me? It's always news to hear your expecting a new baby. So I pulled myself out of bed after getting Brookie and Aaron to sleep in with me a little longer (Aaron didn't take any coaxing at all).

The day was progressing..slowly. I finally became so exhausted that I had to take a nap. So I passed out on the couch in the office for about an hour before waking up feeling worse than I did before I fell asleep. The feeling of awfulness has yet to pass. My head has been pounding for that past 4 hours...I type this as Aaron is playing a shooting game on the computer right next to me...definitely not helping.

On a lighter note...I bought Spore today!! :) I have been looking forward to playing it ever since Aaron's brother Kyler showed us a preview of it on his computer. I am waiting for it to download as we speak. I forgot how long a computer game takes to download. The last time I played a computer game was years and years ago.

Goodness I can't wait for the weekend...
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