.Belly Pictures.

Pregnancy has not been easy on me this time around. I am now 14 weeks and still feeling some of the effects of morning sickness. I have barely had the energy to work, let alone keep my blog updated. So hopefully things will get better from here.

When we first found out I was pregnant I told Aaron that we were going to take belly pictures..of both of us. He reluctantly agreed and decided to take the journey with me.

Me at 4 Weeks

Aaron at 4 Weeks

Leah at 14 Weeks

There isn't much more to report baby wise. The baby is growing and healthy. We won't find out what it is until the beginning of January. Brookie is very excited about the baby..although I don't think she grasps the concept completely. She just loves babies and I am sure she will love her little brother or sister tons.
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