.Thanksgiving '08.

This time of year has ALWAYS been my favorite. I love being around family and enjoying everyone's company. Eating yummy food is always a bonus. :)

We are started out the Holiday by spending the night at Aaron's parents house. His Mom made a yummy ham for dinner and we all just hung out until bedtime. So nothing SUPER exciting there. The real fun was Thanksgiving day.

We woke up Thanksgiving morning and Aaron's parents made a delicious breakfast for all of us. Brookie, being the scrambled egg fan she is, ate 3 whole helpings of eggs. Needless to say, she had plenty to eat and that would keep her satisfied through til dinner. We all hung around until things got packed up and we headed out to go shooting. I was really excited to go shooting. I had gone and shot rabbits before with a shotgun and gone to the shooting range with Aaron and shot his handgun, but that was minimal compared to this.

We started out shooting the shotguns at clay pigeons. It took a little instruction from Roger *Aaron's Dad* to get me holding the gun properly, but after that, I felt like a pro. I hit a few of the clay pigeons that were thrown out until my arms were tired from holding the gun. Everyone else started playing a round robin/lighting game where they took turns shooting at the clay pigeons and trying to get each other out. I played a few rounds, but I wasn't nearly as good as everyone else.

Then we got all ready and shot the rifles. As we were waiting for everyone to get ready, we decided we were going to try and get Brookie to pose on the ground with one of the rifles like an army guy. Needless to say, she wasn't very good at it, but she tried. Then Roger came over and decided to try and give her lessons on the gun. It turned into a little show of us just watching Brookie fall over and be a goof ball.

Brookie Posing On The Ground With The Gun

Brookie's Gun Lesson From Grandpa Stitt

After that Aaron set up a little area with targets and clay pigeons for us so we could have a competition. I did pretty dang good if I may say so myself. :) I didn't beat him, but I only missed the clay pigeons a handful of times.

We headed over to my parents house for dinner after all the shooting excitement that lead us into the afternoon. Dinner wasn't ready until about 5 and we were all starving because we hadn't eaten since breakfast. I was most excited about my Mom's rolls that she makes EVERY year for Thanksgiving. Everyone loves them so much that we have to set a limit on how many everyone can have *the limit is usually around 5 or 6..and we all tend to eat our share with only a few left over* We had TONS of food this year..and it was all delicious. I only ate about 3 rolls because I got so full.

Brookie's Dad came and picked her up right before Aaron and I headed back to Huntsville. On the way to Huntsville we picked up Mario Strikers Charged *it's a Mario soccer game* to play on Katie's Wii that Kyler had brought up. Aaron and I both ended up being so tired that we waited until the next morning to play it.

Black Friday..all the girls except for me got up and went shopping. So I was left with all the boys. Roger made French Toast for breakfast *my favorite!!:)* Then we all headed downstairs to play Mario soccer!! Aaron had made a comment before we got it that he thought it would be dumb...but everyone LOVED it *including him* We played it off and on for most of the day.

So that was our exciting Thanksgiving. :) Lots of food, fun, & family.

I can't wait 'til Christmas!!
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