.Big Girl Brookie.

A few days before Thanksgiving, we decided that we needed to get Brookie a big girl bed. With how long it took her to crawl *a week before her first birthday* and walk *gosh, 15 months I think?* we thought it best to start her early in a big girl bed. We figured it could be weeks or even months before she completely adjusted to it.
The first night didn't go well at all. She refused to stay in her bed and I felt like a bad Mommy if I locked her in there for her first night in her new bed AND her new room *we decided to keep the smaller room as the nursery*. So I ended up moving the mattress back to her crib after an hour of trying and she slept in there for the night.

The next try didn't come until the Saturday night after Thanksgiving as we were staying at Aaron's parents for the Holiday and Brookie spent 2 nights at her Dad's house. We decided that the best thing we could do is read her a story and lay her down in bed to fall asleep. She wasn't going for that idea. So I turned on Finding Nemo *her favorite movie ever...so far* and cuddled with her on her bed to make her feel more comfortable. After about 15 minutes I decided she was relaxed enough so I started to get out of the bed...she flipped out. So I had to slowly sneak my way out of the bed and out of the room over the course of another 15 minutes. Just as I was almost out the door she flipped out again. At that point, I figured I had done my best. So I shut the door and let her fuss a bit. She stopped crying after about 10 minutes or so. I waited until Nemo was over an hour later and went to check on her. She had climbed back in to her bed and fallen asleep!!

Since that night we have only had one rough night. She woke up at 6am one morning and we let her sleep in our bed with us. Other than that, she sleeps in til 9am if I don't go wake her up. I do some mornings, but she is NOT a morning person...so I let her sleep when I can.
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