.Christmas '08.

Considering it is New Years Eve, I figured I better get my Christmas post out of the way.

We spent Christmas with Aaron's family. We woke up Christmas morning to about 15 turkeys outside our window. As everybody woke up we all gathered on the stairs in the basement leading upstairs. His family videotapes our "entrance" if you will. So we had to wait until Roger *the cameraman* had the camera all ready and figured out. As usual, Brookie had to sit by her favorite Uncle Chris and flirt with him a little bit before we headed upstairs.

We had a lot of fun opening presents. Brookie got a lot of cute clothes and fun toys. There were a lot more gifts to open than I had anticipated, so it took us a good hour to open all of our gifts. It was a lot of fun watching Brookie get excited over her presents. Aaron had to keep giving her candy to keep her occupied long enough to open a present as she started to open toys. She just wanted to play with them and not open anything else. Of course, at the end of all the gift opening, all Brookie wanted to do was play in the wrapping paper and "go to sleep". She is such a doll.
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