.Christmas Countdown.

My favorite holiday of the year is only 2 weeks away!! I am so excited!! I love being around family and exchanging gifts..seeing the looks on everyone's faces when they open what you believe is the perfect gift. This year has been a bit different though. Shopping for Aaron's family has been the hardest part. Hopefully I did ok. :) My best idea though, in my opinion, is what we are getting for his Mom. I think that one is my best idea yet!! Pictures will come after Christmas..'til then, it's a surprise!

Most of our shopping is done...I have one more gift to get for Aaron. Aaron, on the other hand, has done ZERO shopping. So I told him I would try and make it easy on him. I am in desperate need of maternity clothes, so I told him we would go together and pick some out..but that he had to get one gift for me that was a surprise. I am not too worried about him getting me something nice. I love his surprises. :)
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