.Christmas Eve '08.

It has taken me a few days to get back to normal life (I still don't want to, but you have to sometime, right?). Christmas was amazing this year. I thought everything was going to go wrong, but it turned out great in the end.

Christmas Eve day was a big rush to get everything completed. Brooklyn had stayed the night at Grandma & Grandpa Stitt's house with her Aunt Lizzie for 2 days, so we had to go pick her up. From the stories I heard, she was a lot of fun and kept everyone laughing. We had to finish up some last minute presents and Aaron had some last minute work he had to complete before he could completely relax and enjoy the holiday break.

The biggest thing that I needed to complete was Leslie's gift. I had decided to make her an apron that said "World's Greatest Grandma" on it and had Brookie's 2 little hand prints on the pockets. Brooklyn did not really want to get the paint on her hands and then transfer her hand print on to the apron. She would have preferred just playing in it and getting herself all covered in fabric paint. So it took both Aaron and I to hold her fingers apart and get her hand to hold still enough. In the end it turned out perfect (with only one little spot of fabric paint on the apron where it didn't belong).

Christmas Eve tradition is to spend it at my family's house. We all draw names on Thanksgiving to decide who we are getting a gift for. My family has grown so much that it would be impossible to get everyone a gift and not break the bank. This year, my Mother decide to incorporate a new tradition...frosting sugar cookies. :) So after dinner it was time to frost all the sugar cookies. It ended up being me, Brookie, Vanessa (my niece), Rachel (my younger sister), Mila (my sister-in-law), and my Mom. Everyone else decided to just relax and talk. It ended up taking longer than we had planned, but it was fun to watch the little girls try and frost the cookies. Of course Brooklyn got bored after frosting one cookie and was ready to eat it. Vanessa stayed around the whole time and frosted the same cookie only taking a few tastes of the frosting. We then all opened presents and watched Brooklyn and Vanessa fight over each others toys. Brooklyn got a Baby Elmo from my parents that Vanessa couldn't help but be memorized with as soon as she heard him laugh. We tried distracting them with other things, but they both wanted to play with Elmo first. Once we put more of their toys together, they played together a lot nicer.


Then Aaron, Brooklyn, & I opened our PJ's *another Christmas tradition my Mother started a few years back that I have chosen to carry on with my family*. Here are the 3 of us in our new Christmas PJ's.

Christmas Eve went great. :) Everyone loved their gifts and we had a lot of fun spending time together as a family.
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