.Christmas Shopping??.

Countdown Clocks

Waking up to snow coming down in massive amounts has never been my favorite. Especially if you know your going to be driving it in. I know, it's the season and it makes Christmas special. Brooklyn and Aaron are definitely not on my side with this one. They both LOVE the snow.

Brooklyn has discovered snow and loves to take a nice handful and eat it. Saturday night we were over at the office and she wanted to stand outside and watch the snow fall down. It is very cute, but it was also VERY cold. She was bundled up all nice and warm. I, on the other hand, have not accepted that it is winter yet and still wear jackets everywhere I go.

Aaron informed me he will be "unavailable" from 12PM - 3PM on the 24th to do my Christmas shopping. If you know Aaron, you would believe him too right?? I did up until about 5 minutes ago when he told me he was just joking. :) I am fairly gullible, but I wouldn't put that past him.

Time to finish more Christmas wrapping and house cleaning. :)
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