.The Countdown Begins.

I have never been good at waiting for things..I always get too anxious. So I decided to start the wedding countdown in my head today...he he. Since there are only 2 days left and TONS to do, I will be kept PLENTY busy and not have much time to think about my nerves.

I HATE being the center of attention. I think that is the one thing that I am dreading about my wedding day. Aaron, on the other hand...well if you know Aaron, you know he LOVES it when things are all about him. I am sure he will be enjoying himself thoroughly. :) Other than that, I can not wait!!

Things have been a little rough lately...the stress of the wedding, money, and a new baby on the way have been the biggest drainers on our emotions. Things are becoming a lot more real for Aaron I think.

Yesterday, I felt the baby kick for the first time!! :) I was sitting here on my computer watching youtube videos with Brookie to get her to take a nap *worked like a charm* She ended up falling asleep half sitting on my hip and pushing a bit on my tummy. I guess the baby didn't like that because it started kicking me and squirming like crazy! I called Aaron all excited and sad that he had missed it for the first time. Luckily, late last night while I was getting ready to go to sleep, the baby started kicking again. So I called in Aaron and as soon as the baby kicked him he jumped back and pulled his hand off my tummy. I couldn't help but laugh at him and ask him what was wrong. I guess it's a little weird when you haven't been through this before..but I think it definitely makes things a bit more real for him.

I have been almost POSITIVE this whole time that I was going to have a girl *the pattern in my family seems fairly predictable* but I noticed how low I was carrying the baby the other day and then I put in to account how sick I was with this one versus Brooklyn...so my guess is it's a boy. Aaron would absolutely LOVE that. We should find out in January sometime what it is. I still want another girl so Brookie has a little sister to play with, but we all know I would be happy with whatever God gave me. I just want a happy and healthy baby.

Well, I guess I better start getting organized for the day...so much to do, so little time.
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