.Lessons In Marriage.

It's only been a little over a week that we have been married and I am already learning a few lessons.

Lesson #1 - Marriage is more than a simple commitment

Once you make that commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone..it is a slew of commitments all packed in to one simple word. You learn to compromise, share, and, most of all, love the other person no matter what. Your spouse is not always going to do things the way you would do them or would expect them to be done. They are not going to see things your way even 50% of the time. They are not always willing to bend and compromise..so you need to be ready at all moments to sacrifice a little here and there.

Lesson #2 - There's always tomorrow

I can always let a stupid little disagreement ruin my whole day. I fuss over it for hours on end just to end up frustrating myself even more. I have to remember...there's always tomorrow. There will always be another disagreement, another frustration, another piece thrown in to the puzzle...but I will survive. I will make it 'til tomorrow where there will likely be something else to deal with. So I am learning to just make the best out of a situation and apologize for the mistakes I have made and not expect the exact same in return. People come around in their own time.

Lesson #3 - Love is more than just a 4 letter word

Being young and stupid, many people have been known to throw the word "LOVE" around not really knowing what it means. Some people can go their whole life never knowing the true meaning for a number of reasons.
Love to me is selflessness. Being more concerned about the two of you as a whole then about your own ideas or feelings. Knowing that no matter what happens in life you will always have that person to lean on..to confide in..to love.
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