.Newlywed Adventures.

We did it!! The wedding went PERFECTLY!! I seriously thought at least one thing had to go wrong at every wedding, but there wasn't a single problem. The wedding ceremony went great, the dinner was delicious, and the reception was a lot of fun. I met a lot of people that Aaron had known for years that I had only heard about. It will be fun to actually spend time with some of them when we get all of our businesses in order. (Ha like that will ever happen).

Married life has been good so far. Our honeymoon was fun. It was nice to just spend some time together and not have to worry about ANYTHING. We got some Christmas shopping done and went to my favorite Steak House for dinner, Ruth's Chris. I was slightly disappointed though. They overcooked my meat, then undercooked it. I got to enjoy my shrimp, but being pregnant I wasn't about to eat the undercooked meat. So I saved it for Aaron to eat later, but we ended up forgetting it and leaving it in the fridge at our hotel room.

We just got back to work today and have accomplished more as the day has gone on. Mornings are always hard to get anything done because people are calling Aaron off the hook. So just as we are getting into "the zone" and getting things accomplished, one of the guys that works for Aaron comes running in to tell him his truck is getting towed. So we have to run out and talk to someone to try and get it down so we don't have to pay a ton of fee's to get it out of the towing yard. Luckily one of the chefs at the hotel across the street was nice enough *sort of* to tell the towing guy he could take the truck off and avoid making us pay $50 to just have him take it off the stinkin' truck! You would think you wouldn't have to jump through hoops for someone just to do something nice for someone else. Everybody is just in it for themselves it seems..where have all the nice people gone??
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