.Not Enjoying The Snow.

So, it has been snowing steadily since about 10am. I saw Aaron put on his boots this morning *which I hate and he knows it* and I told him that he could probably get away with wearing shoes today. He told me "Well it might snow". Looks like he was right.

I haven't had to go outside at all, but I do have TONS of boxes that need to be thrown away. I finally got around to putting away all of our wedding gifts. It's hard to find room for everything when your kitchen is limited on storage spaces. So I had to re-organize everything and stuff some things in every little nook and cranny possible. Aaron HATES it when things are cluttered. He is very much a clean freak.

I have started to play the "Stay At Home Mommy" role. Things were just getting really hard with Brooklyn at the office, we can't afford daycare *and I refuse to take her after our last experience*, and our house is getting out of control. I haven't had a chance to deep clean it since we moved in back in August. So it is in need of some serious attention. I am still doing some work from home, but I am focusing on the house until Christmas.

I got 80% of our Christmas Presents wrapped. Some of them are still at the office, I still have to buy one more thing for Aaron, and I have to finish Grandma Stitt's gift. Thank goodness I actually have had the time to sit down and get these things done. It's nice to feel accomplished in ways other than just work.

Well, I still have more cleaning to do. I want to get everything all done before Aaron comes stomping in for dinner.
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