.Today Is The Day!!.

The day has finally arrived!! :) I slept REALLY good last night. I seemed to somehow contain my excitement enough to get a full nights sleep *minus Brookie, who didn't sleep good at all* Things seem to have come together just fine...but the day isn't over yet. I have no idea how all the decorating has/will end up. I am just so grateful that I have so many people willing to help and take over more or less. I can just spend the day focusing on feeling my best and enjoying this day to0 the fullest.

Aaron stayed the night at his parents last night and all of my sisters *minus one* stayed at my house. We ran errands, got pizza, and just hung out until everyone was more or less ready for bed. I got up and Rachel shortly followed at about 7:30 and we made breakfast for everyone. Not a bad start to the day. Now I just need to finish up a few things, help my sisters do their hair, and then get all prettied up for the big day!!

I can't wait to see Aaron in a tux!!! :)
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