.Mommy's Little Helper.

Brookie LOVES to help me clean. Whenever I start cleaning she has to have a rag in hand to help scrub down something. I can only pray this lasts through her teenage years. ;)

I know her favorite part of cleaning is when I mop the kitchen floor. Since I can't dump out the mop water until the floor is dry, I always leave the mop and water at the edge of the floor. If I leave it alone for more than 3 minutes...I know Brookie is gonna go to town. So today, I went upstairs to put away laundry right after I had mopped the kitchen floor. I didn't think..until I noticed how quiet she was being..what I had left out. By the time I realized she was being too good I knew it was too late. So I just let her continue "cleaning" until I had put away all the laundry. I came back down to a super wet floor and a little girl with soaking wet socks. She was so proud of herself.

Saturday will be 25 weeks!! I decided to take a picture today since we are celebrating Brookie's birthday on Saturday. I won't be doing much else that day but running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

25 Weeks
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