Well, it looks like we will be moving to Roy. I am excited..and not excited. There are so many pros and cons to it all. The house is AMAZING! It is HUGE *6 bedrooms, 3 baths* but it is in Roy. It is only 10 years old I think too. We will have tons more room, but we won't be as close to the office as we used to be. It feels like just yesterday that we moved in to this house. I have grown to love it. Being pregnant and emotional doesn't help. I am attached for weird reasons. Aaron even made the comment today that he saw us "growing old in this house". I kind of did too. I had it planned out where we could fit ALMOST all of our children in here that we plan to have over the next 8 years *yes, we are planning to be done when I'm 30. I think that's perfect :)*

It's on an option to purchase. More or less a rent to own. So we can buy the house at the end of a 2 year lease. It is such a great deal considering we will be paying pretty much the exact same house payment for more house. Can't complain too much right?

I didn't forget about belly pictures. I figured out I don't need someone to take my pictures for me..gotta love that little timer on cameras. :) I thought I would do a little comparison so you can see how huge I feel!! :)

4 Weeks

14 Weeks

22 Weeks

I can never resist posting a picture of Brookie. She loves to roll around on the love sac. The end result..static electricity. It seems to last all day unless I wash her hair.

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