.New Home, New Adventures.

Finally! We are all moved in and I have my internet back!! :)

The house has been pretty much perfect so far. Only a few minor set backs..but I think those are all over. We had a small issue with the water heater that was such an easy fix it was silly. I have spent the past week cleaning carpets and organizing everything room by room. The kitchen is my next task. I am going to wait until next week to tackle that though.

So today marks one year from the day Aaron and I met for the first time *in person that is*. I decided since Brookie is going to be with her Dad for the weekend that I wanted to celebrate it. I have all of our texts saved that we have ever written each other since we met. Luckily my phone has a nice 2GB memory card to hold it all on. So I sent Aaron an email with our conversation throughout the day from a year ago. It's funny to think about our story of "how we met". Aaron loves to tell people about us drinking free water at Carls Jr. on our first "date".

Well I will be posting pictures of our house soon...I just haven't taken any cuz I wanted my house to be all pretty before I did that.
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