.New Year, New Adventures.

It's weird how it doesn't even feel like a New Year..but I am sure it will soon enough. Things are always changing, let's hope for the better this year. :)

We spent New Years Eve in SLC at "First Night" downtown with my little sister Sarah. We got to the Gateway just as everything was ending, so we decided to go to the Clark Planetarium and see one of their shows in the Dome Theater. It was called "Rock On Demand". It was pretty good. Brookie was a bit overwhelmed by all the lights though. So she sat on my lap facing me and just danced to the music and hid her face most of the time. She still enjoyed it, just not as much as I was hoping.

Then we ventured around the Gateway to find somewhere to eat. We ending up choosing Happy Sumo. My sister had never tried sushi, so I thought I would break her in. We had to wait close to an hour to get a table. Our sushi took an hour to get out too. Luckily we ordered entree's so we had something to eat while we were waiting. Sarah did okay with the sushi. It takes time to get into it and find your favorites I have decided. We had about 2 rolls left over to take home and Aaron left our to go box sitting on the hostess stand as we were leaving. He missed out the most because he was planning on having it for breakfast.

We then headed over to the Gallivan Center for all the live bands and performances. It was pretty crowded and fairly awkward getting around with a stroller and tired baby. So we ended up staying for about an hour *it was 10pm by the time we got there*. We were going to stay for fireworks, but we all decided we didn't want to be stuck in traffic for an hour after wards. So we headed back to my parents house to watch them from their bedroom window. We could see about 5 different firework shows all over the valley. Brookie ended up just falling asleep in my arms and missed out on all the fun.

New Years Day we headed over to Grandma Helen's house for a lunch with the Stitt family. We played Apples to Apples for a few hours while Aaron took a nap and Brookie went for a walk with Grandma. Brookie discovered mud puddles while on their walk and was in her cute little white outfit that she had gotten from Aunt Lizzie for Christmas. Luckily Grandma was able to get all the mud off, but Brookie seemed to have had a ton of fun.

I am sure this year will be a good one. We have a lot to look forward too.

- We find out if we are going to be welcoming a little boy or girl to our family.
- We get to meet our little angel in May!! :)
- Brookie turns 2!! She is getting so big!!
- Aaron and I will be celebrating one year of marriage.
- We have the new dance club opening up.

...and many surprises I am sure!!
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