.Tea Party.

Last night we went to dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Cutlers. I had lamb for the first time and it was good. Not my favorite, but maybe that's because it looked so much like roast to me.

After dinner was when the real fun began. Lizzie had brought all the toys into the living for Brooklyn to play with. So we all headed in there to sit down. Kyler had laid down right in the middle of floor. Brooklyn took that opportunity to use him as a table to play with toys on. Tenney and Chris couldn't help but join in the fun.

Brooklyn somehow got distracted playing tea party/waitress. She was running around frantically giving everyone dishes and filling their cups with tea. She was hilarious. I never got a great picture of it, but here are just a few of us that she was serving.

We gathered everyone for a family picture. I didn't get one on my camera with Grandma & Grandpa Cutler. It was hard enough keeping Brookie distracted long enough to take a picture.
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