.Working Mommy's.

How do you do it?! I about lose my mind being away from Brookie for more than one day. When I had 2 jobs *one of them being a work from home job mind you* it was SOOO hard for me to take her to daycare. I only worked 3 or 4 hours at the most a day too. I could not imagine having to be away from her 9 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I have been working with Aaron most of the day. Around noon we decided we would send Brookie to Grandma & Grandpa Stitt's *well, Grandpa is out of town on business* to have them watch her. They adore her and she always has a good time. So it's not hard sending her to Grandma's house..just hard being away from my little monster. Her weekends with her Dad are always the hardest. I just miss the little things.

I miss her getting a little cranky and hanging on me saying "I need you" begging me to pick her up. I miss her cuddling up on me and falling asleep. I miss her singing a random song out of nowhere.

Ya know..the thing I miss the most...whenever I am in the kitchen doing dishes or in the laundry room doing laundry, she loves to open and shut the kitchen door. She will tell me "See ya" and shut the door. Sometimes she will yell "Help Me" and want me to come in and hide with her in the pantry. I always get a little teary eyed when she is gone and I shut the door behind me when I leave the kitchen *she always does that too as she follows behind me*.

I never knew how much you could love one little person. I think my love has grown for her more as she has become more of a little girl than just a baby. Watching her learn, grow, and become more like her Mommy.

She melts my heart...

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