.Boy or Girl?.

So you know how they say you reach a certain point in pregnancy where you feel your belly can stretch no more?? Well, I think today is the breaking point for me. I am not even 7 months and I already feel like my belly can't stretch anymore.

It's not like this is a new experience for me. Obviously my belly can stretch more. Although I do feel like I am WAY bigger with this one than I ever was with Brooklyn.

I am SO sure this one is a boy for multiple reasons.

#1 - I was SO sick for 15 whole weeks with this baby. I was sick for exactly 12 weeks with Brookie and I only threw up ONCE from eating too many seasoned fries ha ha

#2 - I am carrying this baby much differently than I did Brooklyn...the proof is in the pictures. Notice the basketball belly on the bottom. Basketball belly = boy!

#3 - This baby is going to be a soccer player. I swear it kicks WAY more than Brookie ever did..and MUCH harder. It's gotta be a boy!!

So we are going to find out on Friday or sometime next week what this little monster inside of me is. Boy or girl? We shall see!
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