.Smooth Thursday.

Life has stayed pretty busy lately. I have been working on things for our coffee shop such as some new smoothie and hot chocolate recipes. It's amazing the recipes you find browsing on the internet. Maple Hot Chocolate?? Sounds disgusting to me...but somebody could have some weird obsession with maple flavor.

I am learning that I could NEVER be a food critic. I am FAR too picky. If we went off of what I liked, our menu would be next to nothing. I think we would have a frozen mocha coffee *it tastes like a chocolate smoothie for those of you that have never drank coffee*, the chai latte, and the strawberry smoothie.

The new flavors that I came up with for our smoothies are: Peanut Buttercup *it tastes JUST like a reese's...sooooo yummy!*, Banana Split *banana and chocolate*, and Peanut Butter Banana. The Peanut Butter banana is not my favorite due to the combination, but for those that like the combo I would assume it is pretty yummy.

I put together a HUGE list of different smoothies to try, so this is just the beginning.

Brookie is just being Brookie. She learns a new word every day it seems. I can't believe how smart my little monster is getting. I can't WAIT for the baby to be here. I wake up at 2am almost every night and lay awake for a while thinking about how I wish it was closer to May. I thought I wouldn't be so anxious with my 2nd pregnancy and it would go by faster. That's not entirely the case. It has gone by a bit faster, but I am more anxious than ever for her to be here. Just a little more than 2.5 months left!!!
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