.Valentines Day '09.

Valentines Day was perfect! Aaron had it all planned out for the day to be all about me.

It started out with me getting my hair colored, cut, and styled at 9am *yes early, but there was plenty more for the day*.

Then we went and had lunch at Great Harvest Bread Co. I had never eaten there before. Their Ham sandwich was awesome! It had egg salad on it...so yummy!

We headed down to a shop on 25th street that we had sworn we were going to check out one day. Lucky for me, we chose the one day Aaron was willing to spend some money. It was a tad pricey, but so nice! I ended up getting 2 new shirts and the lady that owned the shop gave me a necklace of my choice for free.

We then headed home to get dinner ready for my sisters *bless their heart for watching Brookie ALL day*. I spent some time hanging out with Brookie and just relaxing. I wanted to take a nap SO bad, but didn't want to mess up my hair. So I just toughed it out.

Daddy's Valentine Gift to Brookie...CHOCOLATE!!

After we got dinner all ready for the girls, we headed to Jasoh for their Valentines dinner special. It was a 5 course meal. It was DELICIOUS!! The dessert was really dinky for what I was expecting. I had tried to save room for it and everything.

On the way home from dinner my sisters said they wanted some ice cream. So we stopped at Arctic Circle and got them shakes. We got an ice cream cone for Brookie and ourselves too.

Then we all relaxed, watched a movie, and fell asleep SUPER early.

Thanks hubby for a WONDERFUL Valentines Day!!
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