.Carl's Jr. Is My Enemy.

Yesterday was just another day...or so I thought.

I spent most of the day at the office with Aaron just doing random things. The last half of the day *from 5pm - 10pm* was spent cleaning and organizing his office. Of course it took twice as long as normal due to Aaron being a perfectionist.

Due to working so late we decided to just have Carl's Jr. for dinner. One of the kids that works for Aaron and his girlfriend went and grabbed dinner for the 5 of us. I took one bite in to my burger and noticed it was a little more pink than I have ever seen a fast food burger before. I was so hungry I ate it anyways thinking I was just being picky...I should have listened to my intuition!!

We got home around 10:30pm and I was feeling just fine. Then 11:30 came around and I headed up to bed. I laid there for about 15 minutes and the baby wouldn't relax. So I figured I would go lay down on the Lovesac with Aaron while he watched some TV. That's when it hit me...I started to feel nauseous. I figured it was just another pregnancy moment so I let it go for bit. It kept getting worse and Aaron told me he was feeling a bit nauseous himself. I decided to go up to bed and sat propped up on pillows to try and avoid the vomiting.

I ended up falling asleep only to wake up at 12:30 calling for Aaron to come upstairs. I definitely threw up more than I thought was even in my stomach. Aaron was shocked as to how much came up. I started to get a bit worried that it was going to hurt the baby. So I did what I usually do...and I googled it :) It seemed the biggest worry was dehydration. So I drank as much water as my body could handle throughout the night. I woke up super hungry and with a bit of an achy body. I just took it easy today and things seem to be fine.

I will never eat Carl's Jr. again. They have never been a favorite of mine anyways, so no loss here.
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