.35 Weeks.

So a few nights ago, I realized my countdown has been off by a day. I know, not much to those of you that are not prego...but it is when your ready to get this baby out! :)

I figured I better post one of my last pics seeing as I feel like I could go at any time. I feel quite miserable lately. I am in pain almost constantly...pain I never felt with Brookie. My back and hips feel like they are ready to give out on me. I have braxton hicks contractions almost every day. Oh the joys of pregnancy. I am glad it's almost the end. I can not wait to add another beautiful little girl to our family.

Not much is going on lately. Just working and getting ready for baby. We finished buying everything we will need...minus diapers...better get on that one or we will be in trouble.

I had my eye on a swing that was a very gender neutral color. Everything else we have is pink and brown. Well, are you surprised I couldn't resist when I saw this one at Babies R' Us??

I guess I am quite spoiled.
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