.Baby Update.

Okay, so today was good! REALLY GOOD!! :) I heard news that I didn't expect to hear. I was kind of on the edge all day because I was worried the Dr. was going to tell me that I had not made any progress.

Last appt. he didn't say "You are dilated to 2cm" he just said I was dilated the width of about 2 fingers. I assumed that was about 2cm. Today he said I was dilated a bit more and I was at 2cm. So I guess I was a little under that last time.

Good News Part 1 - So I am dilated to 2cm and 100% effaced.

Good News Part 2 - He said he is pretty sure I won't make it to my due date. If I haven't had her by the 11th *which is my last appt. with him* then we will schedule an induction!! :) YAY!!

So either way...I will have a baby before my due date. So the countdown has been shortened a bit. To what exactly...who knows. I am just excited it will be sooner rather than later.

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