.Easter '09.

My little girl is definitely growing up. I knew Easter this year would be tons of fun...especially when you involve the "big kids" in the Stitt family.

Saturday afternoon Brookie got to dye eggs. She wasn't really a fan of actually putting them in the dye. She just liked to count to 10 until we took them out *well, she had to count to ten a few times, 10 seconds didn't dye the eggs at all*.

She found Aaron most amusing through the whole process.

Easter Sunday we got up nice and early for church. Brookie kept wanting to give me fake goofy smiles when I asked her to smile for a picture...so I snapped this one to show off her cute Easter dress.

We were waiting on Aaron to get ready, so I decided to take a cute picture of Brookie and Mommy all ready for church.

After church we headed up to Grandma & Grandpa Stitt's for Easter dinner and Brookie's Easter egg hunt. It was a lot of fun. We waited until everyone got there. The "big kids" hid the eggs for Brookie and then everyone helped her find them. She did a pretty good job on her own...but a few she needed help with.

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