.Lazy Day.

After working so hard in the Coffee Shop last week, I decided to give myself a day off. I had a few things that HAD to get done...so I put them off until the last minute. We were running super low on food. I did the grocery shopping at about 8:30 tonight and got home at about 9:45. I did one load of laundry...sort-of. It is still waiting to be put in the dryer. I will have to do that first thing tomorrow morning.

So, we got a new computer a week or 2 ago. We got it for 2 reasons. #1- Business. It is best for Aaron and I to have all of our business stuff in one place. Having it scattered between 2 laptops was not working for us. #2- The Godfather II. It comes out tomorrow for XBOX360, PS3, and the PC. Since we don't have either of those gaming systems, we opted to just upgrade our computer. Aaron was ADDICTED to it when he played the first Godfather on the Wii. He has talked about nothing else but Godfather II since he found out they were coming out with it.

All day I have been playing SimCity Societies. Aaron had uploaded Sim City 3000 on our computer *released back in 1999...horrible graphics*. So I did my research and found out this is the latest one they had come out with *released in 2007...MUCH better!!* I knew Aaron would love it. He loves games where you have control over everything...and when it involves money. He was up until 3:30 this morning playing it before I kindly let him know he might want to get some sleep. So that tells you how addicting it can get.

I am worried tomorrow may be the same. I won't get to play it ALL day though. I have a feeling Aaron will be home earlier than expected to play Godfather II. I better get my gaming time in early.
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