.Nearing The End.

Wow...you barely notice how quickly time flies until you are nearing the end. I am feeling the end of pregnancy quite a bit. I have so many emotions running through me it's insane...anxiety, excitement, exhaustion, nervousness, impatience and MANY MANY more. Somedays I feel like I am ready to go and can't wait until I am on my way to the hospital to meet my little one. Then there are those few days where I am very content in just doing my thing and enjoying my last bit of freedom that I have before being a Mommy of 2. At the end of every day though I am more than ready to meet this little one as I crawl into bed and feel every ache and pain in every part of my body. :)

So today has been pretty rough. I have been feeling pressure all day and having irregular contractions. I am emotional beyond words *my poor poor husband* and purely exhausted. My nesting instincts have been kicking in the past week and the house is looking pretty good. :) I know Aaron is enjoying that part of this madness we call pregnancy. He is just as ready as I am to get this baby out too. He would probably walk for miles with me if I asked him to.

So just a small update in my world. I am definitely going to be doing some walking *if my hips can handle it* and then PLENTY of resting to follow it up.

Sorry Lizzie...I really don't think I am making it to May 8th. If I do, lucky you...miserable me! :)
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