.Final Baby Update?.

Well, not as good of news as last week.

I am still dilated to 2cm and obviously still 100% effaced. The baby has dropped some more *if you have seen me in person, you can totally tell*. We do have a scheduled induction date of the 12th though!! :) So only 8 more days until we get to meet Lily. Hopefully less if she decides to stop being so stubborn.

Today's appt. was slightly stressful though. We got there at 10:45 as per my appointment card and the time I was told when I made the appointment a few months back. Well, they told me my appointment was at 10:15 when I got there. Sadly, I didn't have the appointment card with me as it was taped up next to Aaron's desk. So we had to wait until 11:45 to even get in to see the Dr. During that time I had a fairly major anxiety attack. I could tell my blood pressure was shooting through the roof just while I was sitting in the waiting room. So once I got in there I had to lay on my side the whole appointment which lasted about 30 minutes in itself so they could make sure my blood pressure went down. It dropped to a reasonable level by the time they let us leave. There were no other signs of any other problems so they weren't going to induce me over my high blood pressure...darn it! Oh well, I just care that she is perfectly healthy at this point. What's another week after 38 long ones, right?

I don't know if I posted this in any past entries, but we have decided on her FULL name. It took some convincing because Aaron didn't want her to have a middle name. Due to the fact that I have been carrying this baby around for the past 9 months, I decided that was up to me. :)Her full name will be Lillian Abigail Stitt. I can't wait to meet her!

I am guessing I won't be having a huge 8-9lb Stitt baby because I really am not super huge *well...lol not as big as I would be carrying around a 9lb baby*. My guess is she will be around 7 lbs. I am PRAYING I am right for more reasons then one.
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