.Not On Top of The World.

I am definitely not feeling on top of the world today. I woke up with a sore throat *thank goodness that has subsided* and a massive head ache that is still lingering. I have body aches on top of it all, but that's probably just pregnancy pains. :)

Last night we had final interviews for the dance club. They went really well. Only one person was put in a position I thought would be best suited for them. That's a good thing though. We changed a lot around and I think the Grand Opening will be amazing! :) I feel bad for my poor hubby though. He has SO much to do and so little time. I wish I could help more, but I am doing the best I can. I have done a lot but I am definitely not a marketing person...and that's all that's really left to do. So he has that on his plate...and a baby coming in 5 days to top it all off.

I am praying Lily decides to hang out in there 'til Tuesday. I have wanted her to come early for 2 weeks now...thank goodness she hasn't. It would definitely throw a wrench in things. I am starting to get nervous of what's to come once she is here. I know I will handle it well, but you can't help but wonder how things will pan out. It's not easy being a Mommy with a toddler and running businesses...I can only imaging having a toddler AND a newborn and trying to stay on top of things without burning myself out.

Thank goodness I have such a hard working and understanding husband. :)
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