.Almost 4 Weeks Later.

How the time has flown. Little Miss Lillian will be 4 weeks old on Saturday. It's weird to think a week of that I spent away from my 2 little girls in the hospital in a more serious situation than I even knew...

It's times like this you learn to count your blessings and realize what you have sitting right in front of you. Now I'm not saying I am un-happy with what I have and want something more or different...I am just more grateful for what I do have.

After leaving the hospital when I delivered Lily things seemed to be just fine. I was in pain, but that's normal after you have a baby, right? I guess I didn't realize how bad the pain was until Saturday. I had Aaron take me to the insta care because I was fairly sure I had gotten a uterine infection from the whole placenta ordeal during labor. I had all the symptoms and I know my body fairly well. So the Dr. prescribed me antibiotics just for that. I started taking them Sunday night and come Monday night I was back in the hospital again. I had gotten a low-grade fever and was bleeding quite excessively. It got to the point where I was bleeding so bad I was soaking through a pad in 3 minutes.

Aaron rushed me to the ER at about 10pm that night where I was immediately admitted. They ran blood tests, did ultrasounds, and came to the conclusion I needed another D&C due to ultrasound results saying there was still some placenta left over. The D&C was scheduled for the next day. They put me under for the short 5 minute surgery and I recovered there for the day. The Dr. said they didn't find anymore placenta, but figured that should do the trick anyways. That's the end of that, right? Ha, I wish!!

Friday I had a follow-up appt. for my surgery at 11:30am. It went great...or so I thought. Everything looked fine and I was feeling better. So Aaron took Brooklyn, Lillian, and I home where we immediately jumped in my car to run some quick errands. We stopped at Sally's Beauty Supply because I needed a few things to do my hair for the club that night. ***Side note - This was my first outing with the girls by myself since Lily had been born.*** I knew it would be a quick trip so I didn't mind going by myself. Brookie of course saw lip pretties *chapstick* because they placed it right at eye level for her. So keeping her hands off of them was a job in and of itself. So I got what I needed and rushed them out of the store.

I called my Mom on my way home and as I was talking to her I suddenly started to get this awful stomach pains out of nowhere. Then I started to get the chills. I hung up with her shortly after and told I just needed to focus on getting home because of how I felt. I figured when I got home I would just eat something and get some water in me. It was probably just a lack of food.

I walked in the house and the pains hit me harder and the chills got 10 times worse. I had a jacket on and was still shaking uncontrollably. I called Aaron and told him to bring my little sister Sarah back home *she has been staying with us for a while* because I needed her help with Brookie so I could go lay down. I drank some water and started to eat some bread while I waited for them. I ended up sitting outside in the 80 degree heat with a jacket on and a blanket wrapped around me because my chills were so bad. Aaron got me up in our room and in the rocking chair with the heating pad when he dropped Sarah off. He then left and headed back to work.

Shortly after I ended up calling my Mom back asking her what this could be. She told me to take my temperature and if it was high at all to go to the ER. So I took my temperature and it was 103.5. I would say that was pretty darn high. Then I started bleeding a TON again. I knew this was bad. So I called Aaron and he rushed home. His Mother also rushed over to our house to pick up the girls.

When we got to the ER they barely even asked me any questions. Pretty much my birthdate and my name. They took my temp and blood pressure and rushed me back in the E.R. saying I was in critical condition. I was so out of it I couldn't even think straight. I had nurses everywhere trying to draw my blood and get an IV in me. I was so cold but because my fever was so high I could only have a sheet on me. I was in pure misery.

Luckily my Dr. was on call that day and Aaron thought maybe he would be out in the E.R. I told him there was no way and as soon as he walked out he spotted Dr. Scharmann sitting at a computer in the E.R. He went and talked to him for a bit while we waited for test results to get back.

The Dr. that had been assigned to me came in and said they wanted to do another ultrasound. I put my foot down and said I wasn't doing that again because I knew that wasn't the problem.

The Dr. said they needed to admit me and get me started on antibiotics because there was clearly an infection in my body. They didn't know exactly what, but they assumed just as I did that due to the pain that it was a uterus infection. So they started me on antibiotics and heavy pain meds. I couldn't nurse Lily or see either of my babies due to how sick I was and what floor I was on in the hospital.

As time went on we got results back 48 hours later that the infections had gotten in to my blood and I had sepsis. This is WAY more serious that I even thought when they told me. So needless to say, I could have died had we not gotten me to the hospital when we did. It could have easily started shutting down my organs and what not.

I have to say, I have the most amazing husband who was there for me the whole time. He slept at the hospital every night *even in the same hospital bed as me because I needed him as close as possible with how awful I was feeling*. He kept me laughing and smiling the last 2 days when I wasn't totally out of it. Most of all, he showed me how much he truly loved me and would sacrifice for me.

So that's my story. I got out of the hospital on Tuesday night after missing the holiday weekend and not seeing my babies for 5 days. THAT was the hardest thing I have ever had to do as a Mommy. I hope I never experience anything like that again.

Thank you to all my family who helped during this time & to all my friends for their love, support, & prayers. I couldn't have done it without you.
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