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Lily is now 7 weeks old. :) She is getting so big! She has learned to smile and is awake a lot more now. She spends a lot of time with Grandma & Grandpa Stitt, as does Brookie. I have started working in the club on the weekends, so the girls stay the night with them on Fridays & Saturdays. I know everyone enjoys it and the break has been good for Aaron and I. We have had some alone time *sort of* and I can see a huge difference in our marriage. We are much closer than we ever have been.

The club is going pretty well. Of course we want it to be doing better, but for being open for a month and a half, it is going good. We are getting our marketing strategies down better and I think that will improve things in a major way.

Lily doesn't seem to like me posting on our blog. She seems to start crying half way through every post I try and write. Baby comes first. :)
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