.4 Month Check-Up.

Lily had her 4 month check-up today. She is growing great and is right at the 50th percentile in weight and height. She weighs 12lbs 13oz and is 24 inches long.

She is SUCH a smiley baby!! She was cooing and smiling at the Dr. the whole time. When the doctor touched the tongue depresser to her mouth she opened up nice and wide with a big grin. It was SO cute!! It must be habit due to Daddy teasing her with her bottle all the time...she thinks it is hilarious!!

She didn't handle her shots as well as Brookie did when she was a baby. I never had any problems with Brookie and shots *minus one time she cried so hard she made herself throw-up :(* Lily has had a slight fever and has been as cranky as can be...but she sure has slept a lot...which never hurts.
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