.I'm A Tad Bit Talented.

Yesterday I dove in head first creating my FIRST REAL WEBSITE!! :) HTML codes and everything. So far so good. It is for our new company called "The Party". We through MASSIVE parties for High School kids. GOOD CLEAN FUN! Unlike other things we were previously involved in...this is something I feel we can really be proud of.

#1 I wish I knew Photoshop and/or Illustrator. *I also wish they worked on my desktop and not just Aaron's laptop :(*

#2 I still wish I was as creative and talented as my husband...his designs overshadowed mine a tad...but hey!! I have an excuse...I am new to this. He has been doing it for years.

#3 I was up WAY too late and am now up WAY too early. Some unknown # called me at 9am (I was up til 2:30) and I couldn't fall back asleep after that. Lily & Aaron are enjoying having the bed all to themselves I bet.

Last night was all too frustrating. My friend Kirsten stopped by the club last night to say hi to some of our friends/ex-coworkers. She didn't go in and was definitely not there to cause problems. Well, she got the cops called on her by the crazies that run the place now saying she couldn't be on their property.

It's disgusting how childish people can be. Of course she left and was just upset by the situation. I get very frustrated when people are power-trippin' too. As I have said...KARMA will get them! It's hard to not think childish thoughts and be SUPER angry over the whole thing.

So this whole thing has taught me a lot. I should be grateful for the experience and I am.

*I learned how to manage multiple projects at one time.
*I learned how to manage people...but I still have some learning to do. :)
*I made a lot of new friends.
*I learned how to open up and run multiple businesses at one time.
*I know a lot of effective ways to promote events and how to turn it in to good clean fun.

The biggest thing...I have learned to trust my husband 100% in any decision he makes for our family. I can see why he has done and said certain things which will only benefit us in the long run. He has taught me patience to a degree I never thought possible. Most importantly, he has made me fall in love with him even more. Gosh I am one lucky girl. :)
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