.Life's Adventures.

It has been FAR too long since I have updated my blog. I wish I could say life is getting back to normal *I don't even know what normal is any more* but it is not. So many things to talk about...and I really need to be getting ready for the day. Oh well, here is an update. :)

We recently had family pictures taken for my side of the family. It is a VERY late Mother's Day gift for my Mommy...but I have a pretty good excuse as to why it took me so long. I think multiple hospital stays and having a baby the day before Mother's Day are pretty good excuses, don't you?

.My Whole Family. *Minus the parentals*

.My Cute Little Family.

.My Beautiful Sisters and I.

.All The Jordan Kids.

.My Brother's Cute Family.

.The Grand Babies.

Thanks *again* Ashley for doing our pictures!! They turned out great! :)

Lily is almost 3 months old!! Time has for sure flown by. She is holding her head up really well now. She smiles at EVERYONE! She is such a happy baby. She is cooing and loves to talk to me whenever she gets the chance. She loves hanging out with Daddy and watching him play games on his phone. She loves to sit in front of the TV with her big sister and watch Brookie's favorite shows.

Brooklyn is officially 2 1/2!! Wow...I can't even believe she is that old...yet she is SO gosh darn smart. She is going through her terrible 2's quite late lol She is seriously like a mini teenager. She loves to tell me off and tell me how it is. She doesn't throw fits like a normal child going through their terrible 2's...she is just disobedient...and she get's SO much joy out of it. It's funny at times, but a lot of the time it is frustrating. She knows SO many words and can make full sentences without ANY help. I just have to correct her grammar here and there. Gosh I love that monster!

Aaron and I are taking on some new business ventures. We are done with the night club *I'm truly not that heart broken over it* and on to better things. I will go in to more detail as they start moving along.

I better get going for the day!! :)
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