.Sleepy Mommy.

Well, it's been a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG day to say the least. I am definitely exhausted though and ready for bed. I just wanted to blog a bit before I turned in for the night...

It has been interesting having little miss Lily around. Such a joy, but so different. I remember being able to spend hours at a time working because Brooklyn could entertain herself *and still can quite easily*. I will get super involved in a project and then "WWWWAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" or sometimes a slight wimper if I am lucky. Then once I start feeding Lily, Brookie decides that she wants juice and/or something to eat. It ends up taking me 3x as long to get things done as normal. Which is of course expected and of course I don't mind taking a break to cuddle with my girls every hour lol.

Lily has started some new things. Some cute...some not so cute. The 2 biggest ones are:

#1 - She laughs!! I can tickle under her chin or just get super goofy when talking to her and she is laughing and smiling from ear to ear. SO CUTE!!

#2 - For EVERY SINGLE meal that I sat down to eat today, Lily woke up just as I was about to take my first bite. *That's the not so cute one for those of you that didn't notice* I couldn't believe her impeccable timing. She didn't just wake up though, of course she woke up crying and wanting attention. Once again, didn't mind giving it to her...I just would have liked a full tummy before we cuddled for the next 15-30 mins.

I had better get to bed so I can start this all over again tomorrow.
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