.White Carpet & Stains.

So...as a Mommy I should know better than to set a glass full of RED punch down on my white carpet. I did it anyways. As soon as I sat down...of course I knocked the WHOLE thing on the floor. I immediately got up and tried everything I could to soak it up failing miserably.

I decided to look up some ideas online...I didn't try this until I read a review that it worked WONDERFULLY!! I had to try it for myself...I used windex instead of the ammonia water mix. Once I saw it worked, I decided I am going to wait until Monday to get some ammonia and do the rest so my carpet doesn't have a blue tinge to it. Here it is...TRY IT!!

Red dye (kool-aid) removal:

Use a mixture of half ammonia half water. If you don't have ammonia.. try some Windex (but be careful because it's blue. I would stick with ammonia/water)

Saturate the kool-aid spot with your solution.

Next get a WHITE rag. Soak it down with water until it is dripping. (Make sure it is dripping so it does not burn your carpet)

Place the rag over the spot.

Heat up an iron

Place the iron place the iron over the spot, on top of the rag.

It will begin to sizzle.

Leave the iron on the rag for approx 20-40 seconds. If you want to pull it off and place it back on it every 10 seconds, that works too. (I pulled it off every 10 seconds and that seemed to work best for me)


Walla! The kool-aid has now transfered itself to the white rag.

Repeat if necessary but keep in mind that you CAN burn your carpet with too many tries.
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