.Friday ALREADY?!.

This week has FLOWN by. I am very happy it's the weekend though. It hasn't been too bad having Aaron working a 9-5 job...although he is still gone ALL day. He get's done there and goes out and continues on other projects. It's been VERY nice just being home with my girls and not worrying about much of anything.

Aaron is home sick today. He was up most of the night with a sore throat. There was one benefit to it though..he was already up so he took care of Lily's night time feeding. It felt good to just sleep straight through the night without a single disturbance.

Potty training is still going fairly well with Brookie. She had an accident yesterday while we were at the play place at Burger King. That's when most accidents seem to happen though..when she is pre-occupied playing.

I have noticed a lot of people that I know with kids around Brookie's age are doing potty training right now too. I have to say I am VERY grateful that Brookie is doing so well. The only disadvantage I have is that she is leaving for her Dad's today for the weekend...let's hope that furthers things along more instead of it causing her to regress. I have talked with him about it and sent him daily updates through email hoping he will stay on top of it as well as I have and not give up and put her in pull-ups.

We shall see...
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