.Growing Up So Fast.

The past few days have been some milestones for BOTH of my little girls.

Wednesday night I decided to start giving the girls baths at night. I am trying to get in to more of a routine and trying to bathe them both during the day before we have to go somewhere is just too much of a stress. It has worked out WONDERFUL so far!! I bathe them both around 9 and they are both sound asleep in bed by 10!! The best part...BOTH of them are sleeping 8-10 hours straight! Brookie has always been a good sleeper, but it amazes me that my 4 month old is sleeping 8 hours already.

Aaron and I started hard-core potty training yesterday. I decided that pull-ups are not the way to go with Brookie. She just looks at them as a diaper. So panties it is. She had one small accident yesterday and realized that she didn't want to go potty in her panties and finished in the potty!! She loves drawing little hearts on her potty chart every time she goes.
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