.Hide Your Scales.

Lily & Brookie spent the night at Aunt Katie & Uncle Chase's on Saturday so Mommy & Daddy could have a date night. They went to the hospital to visit Grandma Stitt. Grandpa Stitt had heart surgery and is there recovering.

Aaron & I went to pick them up in SLC on Sunday evening and everyone met up at Grandma & Grandpa Cutler's for a nice Sunday dinner. Brookie has been doing AWESOME with her potty training. She was even nice enough to have 0 accidents for Aunt Katie & Uncle Chase!
Brookie had to go potty right after she finished dinner. I had Aaron holding Lily while I helped Brookie on the potty. After washing our hands I set Brookie on the floor and turned around to grab Lily from Aaron. As I looked back Brookie was standing in between the counter and the toilet looking a bit flustered. Aaron walked over and asked her what she was doing. Turns out there is where Grandma & Grandpa Cutler keep their scale. She takes a step back and says to him "I gained 4 pounds!!" in a very serious voice.
She didn't get this little expression from Mommy, as we do not even own a scale.

Oh my little Brookie...what will she say next?!

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