.Our Little Princesses.

Potty training has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. It's a lot easier than I made it out to be period.

Brookie had 0 accidents yesterday!! I am so proud of her!! I guess while she was with her Daddy she went #2 in her panties...SO GLAD that wasn't me. I haven't had to deal with that once yet. I know I will eventually.

So on Monday night I was almost SURE Lily was going to roll over...she was getting SOOOOOO close!! Here is the video I took just WAITING for her to do it.


Then of course LAST NIGHT we were all in the Family Room and Aaron was saying she was getting close again. The second I looked away, she rolled over!! Congratulations Daddy. You got to see a first that I didn't! Of course once I got the camera out she wouldn't do it again.

Lily has been getting awfully annoyed with sitting and laying down. She is only content when you let her stand on your lap either facing you or facing outward. I definitely can't hold her standing up all day...so I wanted to get her one of the Johnny Jump Up type things. They didn't have them in stock ANYWHERE around here. I ended up at Target getting her something like an exersaucer. They can jump up in it..but not the same. :( Oh well, she loves it anyways.

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