.Potty Time.

I decided recently to dedicate my days to potty training Brooklyn...that is literally what it entails. I have to ask her ever 30 mins if she has to go potty to avoid an accident. She has started doing pretty good with telling me when she has to go. Her accidents are down to 1 a day, if that!! I haven't gotten brave enough to try night time potty training yet...I am going to wait until she has days down PERFECTLY before I try that. I'm not ready to get up in the middle of the night to change peed on sheets, panties and a crying little girl.

It is so nice to not change diapers ALL day!! Lily needs her diaper changed enough for the both of them!

So yesterday we went to SLC on the Front Runner. It was my first time taking the Front Runner since Lily has been born...so it was interesting to say the least. The Front Runner was late (which ended up being a good thing). Thank goodness I had snacks for Brookie while we waited. Then about 2 minutes before the train was SUPPOSED to be there I realized I didn't have Lily's blanket. Now it wasn't just ANY blanket. It is one my Aunt made for her that she had sewed her name into, crocheted around the edges, etc. I KNEW I had put it on her when we got out of the car. So I didn't know what to do...I didn't want to haul all the girls up to the car and miss the train. So I RAN as fast as I could through our walking path to find the blanket. It was in the PARKING LOT on the ground. Thank goodness I found it quickly. I was definitely out of breath when I got back but I saved the blankie!! Don't worry...I could see my kids at all times and there was no one else waiting for the train.

We had fun just hanging out with my family for the day. Nothing too exciting.

On the way home we rode on the end of the train...I have always ridden in the front or middle. Let's just say..I HATED IT!! It felt like we were going to fly off the rails! I know I'm a bit of a worrier, but other people were commenting on how rough of a ride it was too. Needless to say, we survived. I will NEVER ride on the end of the train again.
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