.Potty Training Adventures.

Honestly, I expected to have Brooklyn potty trained by now. I know it is partly my fault that she isn't...but she is SO close!! Monday and Tuesday were rough days though. I think I got too lazy and didn't put her in panties until too late in the day *10am is a little too late I guess*. So she had one accident each day. What surprises me is that the accidents happened AFTER she had already used the potty on her own that day. It's just frustrating, but what can you do? I know I will look back and say "It was TOTALLY worth it!" once she is potty trained and doing it all on her own.

Life wasn't too exciting yesterday. I got the closets almost all organized and changed out to fall/winter clothing. It made me sad that my girls are growing so fast. Lily is creeping up on 6-9 month clothing all too quickly. Just in time though! :) Brookie was SO small for her age that she was wearing 6-9 month clothes in the fall and winter. So I have everything I need for Lily clothes wise...and I mean EVERYTHING! I have clothes coming out my ears.

Here's to another uneventful day...hopefully. The most I can hope for is 0 accidents for Brookie!!
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