.My Old Man.

Aaron celebrated his 28th birthday on Saturday. I knew he didn't want to go all out and have a full day planned...so the plan was just to spend the day relaxing.

Brookie was spending the weekend with her Dad and Lily is fairly easy, so that was a start to making the day relaxing.

Aaron wanted cheesy eggs for breakfast with Pepper-Jack cheese and to just sit at the computer and watch funny videos. I decided while he was eating to clean up the house a bit. Then I made his cake *which we didn't even eat until last night..heh* Lunch was his favorite sandwich, Chicken w/Pepper-Jack cheese. Then randomly we decided instead of staying in to go to a hypnosis show and have dinner at Chili's in West Valley.

We dropped Lily off at my Mom's house to have my sisters watch her. I heard she cried for an hour *her new thing for the time being...having meltdowns when she is left with a sitter*. Dinner was yummy as always.

Aaron had told me that he would only go to the Hypnosis show if he got to volunteer to be hypnotized. Of course I agreed, but definitely doubted that he would be "hypnotizable". (Yes, I know that is not a word.) So he went up on stage and they went through the whole relaxation and hypnotizing process. As soon as the hypnotist had them all open their eyes I KNEW Aaron was not hypnotized because he looked RIGHT AT ME and smiled. lol I motioned for him to come sit down, but I could see he was up to something. The hypnotist had them pretend they had ants in their pants and Aaron jumped up screaming to put on a show for everyone. The hypnotist had him and 2 others sit down because he knew they weren't hypnotized.

Needless to say, it was still VERY funny. One guy actually peed himself. Oh man...he was supposed to wake up scared of a blow up goat thinking it was real. Well, he sure was scared...scared enough to wet himself. That guy was definitely made out to be an idiot over the rest of the show. It was all in good fun though.

Sunday we went over to Aunt Lynne's to celebrate Aaron and Grandma Cutler's birthdays. We had a yummy lunch and cake and watched conference together.

THEN on to my parents house for a steak dinner and MORE cake...ha ha see why we didn't eat the cake I made until last night??

My niece Emily is learning to walk but is still cruising on the furniture. She was being cute and playing peek-a-book with me.

In between lunch at Aunt Lynne's and dinner at my parents, we stopped by the hospital to visit Aaron's Dad. He seemed to be doing A LOT better. You could definitely tell his lack of sleep and amount of meds he was on by his stories. Leslie was right...a few books could be written with the main plot revolving around his hallucinations. It was really good to see him. I know it helped Aaron feel a lot better.
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