.Random Sunday Drive.

Sunday was used as a relaxation day for Aaron and I. We had been going ALL weekend without a break and I knew we needed to just take it easy on Sunday. It was pretty much perfect. :)

We woke up and ate breakfast in front of the TV while watching a documentary on the JFK Assassination. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit...until I just got BEYOND exhausted around 1pm and decided I better get a nap in while Lily was sleeping. Aaron of course joined me and we ended up taking a 3 hour nap! It must have been a sign of things to come...

Aaron then decided we should take a drive to Antelope Island. I have been there once when I was in Elementary School for a field trip. So I barely remember any of it. It was pretty exciting actually. There was an antelope that was just hanging out RIGHT next to the road eating. According to Aaron that is VERY rare as they are scared of people. He said the only other time he has seen one that close is when it was dead. I sadly only had my IPhone so I didn't get the best pictures of the day...but these will do for now.

We were A LOT closer than it appears in this picture. He was about 15 feet from my window...if not closer. Then he literally walked right next to the truck to get around us to to cross the road.

Brookie would have loved this...so I am hoping we can go this Saturday before the weather gets too bad so she can experience it too.

I am still lacking energy and I am fairly sure some sort of sickness is setting in. It's one thing to have a bad day or 2...but going on day #3 and just feeling even worse is never a good sign.
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