.Slow Week.

Not too much to say about this week. It has been pretty un-eventful for the most part.

Aaron's Dad is doing MUCH better!! :D He is in a regular hospital room and they are hoping he will come home by the end of the week. I can't wait for Brookie & Lily to see Grandpa again...I know he missed them as much as they have missed him. When we went to the hospital on Sunday Brookie was very upset that she didn't get to see Grandpa (and that I left her behind, period).

I should be getting all of the Stitt family pictures back tomorrow. I am SOOO excited!! Here is a sneak peak...Ashley did an AMAZING job!! I am so having her take my side of the families pictures up there next year.

Brooklyn's potty training has been going pretty good the past 2 days...0 accidents!! She even had me rush her to the potty tonight after I had put her pull-ups on her...gosh I hope this means we are almost there!!

Aaron seems to be enjoying his new job. :) We actually got a phone to test out...the Sony Ericsson W995A. It is a pretty sweet phone, but I could never go back from my IPhone.

I better get to bed. I can't WAIT for the weekend!! :)
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