.Animal Fun.

Thursday I had my Mom bring up Rachel to hang out cuz I was just getting over my sickness and still needed a little help so I could get some things done. Mainly, my grocery shopping.

Saturday we got up early, cleaned the house and ran some errands. We went up to Huntsville to drop off Aaron's parents lawnmower that we had been borrowing. Tenney was feeding some horses up the road and asked if we wanted to come up with him. I thought it sounded fun and I thought Brookie would LOVE it...ha ha I was wrong!

Grandma was trying to convince Brookie the horses wouldn't bite her...but had no luck.

Then I took Brookie over with me and after about 15 minutes of me petting the horses while holding her, I got her to "pet the horse with me". Then she decided she was brave enough to do it on her own!! (She wouldn't pet ANYWHERE near it's head though lol)

Lily LOVED having all of Grandma's attention.

She enjoyed the horses too.

The horses, on the other hand, LOVED Rachel!! They were following her everywhere she went...they also wanted to eat the cell phone in her pocket. It was so funny!

Later that night we went over to see the puppies. (Aaron's dog Achilles, who belong to his parents now, made babies). They have grown SO MUCH in the past 3 weeks it's crazy!!

Brookie, of course, was IN LOVE with the puppies.

She had to kiss ALL 7 of them before we could leave...even then it was still a fight to get her out of there.
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