.Halloween 2009.

It has taken me a while to get around to posting because I got a wonderful case of the flu...as did Brookie...that lasted about a week. Of course it hit us both 2 days before Halloween. I couldn't let it ruin Brookie's Halloween though.

.My Little Cinderella.

.My Little Ladybug.

Aaron and I ended up taking Brookie & Lily to about 10 houses. Lily wasn't enjoying herself and I was feeling awful. I ended up taking Lily home and Aaron took Brookie to a few more houses in a different neighborhood. I guess she got scared 3 times and had enough. 2 people in masks and a body popping up in a driveway are a bit much for a 2 yr old.

Brookie still wears her Cinderella dress almost EVERY DAY!! At least I'm getting more for my money, right?
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