.Lily's First Jazz Game.

Yesterday afternoon I got a mass text from Aaron's sister Lizzie that she had a bunch of free tickets to the Jazz game that night. I didn't think much of it because I doubted Aaron would want to go. Well, obviously I was wrong. He sent me an IM around 5pm asking if I wanted to go. I thought it would be fun and we had never been to a Jazz game together.

We got there at about 8:30 and Lizzie hadn't gotten there yet with the tickets. So we were looking for someone warm to stand while we waited for her to get there. Obviously you can't go inside (one of the not so nice guest services employees reminded us of this). So we ended up walking back to the truck to wait for Lizzie. Thank goodness we paid the extra money to park right across the street.

Once inside I made Aaron spend about 20 minutes looking for something to eat with me. I ended up finding a place that served pasta...yes, I made that mistake. It was okay...but you definitely don't get what you pay for at a place like that. He, of course, got popcorn. If you know Aaron, he can eat a whole bag of popcorn to himself.

(Definitely not the best picture, but it will do)

At the beginning of the game they had the Cyprus Credit Union team in our section trying to find the loudest group of people to move to closer seats. One of the guys was standing right by us and was trying to get them to choose the row behind us, which is where Aaron's brother and his friends were sitting. Sadly enough, they choose someone else. Wouldn't that have been something.

The game started out with everyone wondering where the Jazz learned how to play basketball. Their defense was the most pathetic thing I have seen in a while. Yet...they came back in the 2nd half and won. Just like the Jazz, right?

Anyways, we had a good time and didn't get home until nearly 1am due to the game starting at 8:30. Lily got passed around between her Aunt Lizzie & Aunt Katie all night and only started to mind once she was getting exhausted.

Thanks Lizzie for the free tickets!!
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